Company News

WEB on The Web has focused its efforts on defining its core business of Healthcare Technology Services throughout the United States - primarily in the Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky markets. Continuous service to the healthcare market will produce ongoing growth.

We have successfully completed hospital projects in Los Angeles CA, Naples FL, Atlanta GA and in Hattiesburg MS.

New Innovations

WOTW feels the healthcare community needs IT services that take a more realistic look at revenue and profitability of medical practices. We also believe technology is poorly deployed in 80% of the healthcare facilities, including physician practices, nationwide.

WOTW will NEVER accept any financial incentives from any vendor it recommends. We want our clients to know we recommend a product because of it's solid history of performance, not because we are receiving what can only be termed a "kickback" for recommending that item. You can be CERTAIN WOTW will act with honesty and integrity at all times and will keep the client's best interest in mind always.

Quality Control
WOTW has been successful at maintaining quality service and uptime for clients. We will continue to seek out new ways to provide quality service at a reasonable cost.